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Increasing earnings inequality: is education the main driver?

Knowledge Aperò #5 an afterwork informal gathering for sharing discussion and wine

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB) organizes the fourth networking and knowledge sharing event “Increasing earnings inequality: is education the main driver?"  at our office in Brussels (Avenue Marnix 19A 1000 Bruxelles), on Tuesday 4th May at 18.00 hours.

In a context where earnings inequality has increased in most developed countries and the literature argues that this increase has been mainly due to technological progress leading to a widening skill premium, the main sub-topics to be discussed are:

1) whether education is available to all individuals and is enough of an explanation for inequality trends and patterns; and

2) what happens at the upper end of the distributive scale: has the inequality been exacerbated because of the astonishing abilities of some individuals or other determinants are active?

In what will be our fifth Knowledge Aperò, with the help of Alberto Merolla, a manager at FGB, and Michele Raitano, an Assistant Professor at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, we will be exploring the link between education levels as the main explanation for the widening inequality. 

After the short talk, in the spirit of knowledge sharing and fuelling debate, we look to encourage audience participation and conversation.

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