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International co-operation project ECOS4IN started to strengthen regional innovation capacity in Central Europe

Implementation of the ECOS4IN international project (Cross-border Ecosystem for Industry 4.0) with 7 partners started in April 2019 and will be completed in March 2022.


The project

The 4th industrial revolution is inevitable and will affect all industrial sectors. The Impact of Industry 4.0 depends on readiness of regions to respond, accept and adopt the changes.

The main objective of the ECOS4IN project is the improvement of regional inno- vation capacity by close transnational cooperation among RIS3 stakeholders on Industry 4.0 implementation. This contributes to the overall programme goal by using transnational cooperation in Central Europe for implementing smart solutions answering the regional challenges in the field of innovation. Improved regional innovation system will positively influence the quality of living and working in CE regions and boosts the competitiveness.


The project started with a detailed analysis of the current situation of Industry 4.0 implementation and creating a tool “ECOS4IN knowledge base”, which will be used in pilot testing at information hubs to provide the knowledge to the target groups to raise awareness about Industry 4.0. The information gained by analysis will be used in the process of describing the ecosystem model according to the regional conditions and context. The last phase of project represents the development of action plans in all partner regions. This will ensure the sustainability of project results by providing the relevant material for forthcoming revisions of regional inno- vation strategies.

Project Partners

  • Usti Region- Lead Partner, Czech Republic
  • Cà Foscari University of Venice, Italy
  • Pannon Novum Innovation Agency, Hungary
  • Business Upper Austria, Austria
  • Enter Koprivnica, Croatia
  • Małopolska Regional Development Agency, Poland