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On October 5 the last report of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) on the impact of business activities on human rights was published. The latter, in fact, can produce significant repercussions not only on consumers, workers and contractors in the production chain, but also on entire communities and the environment. This is not the first publication on the subject: already in 2017, the Agency had made available on its website the report "Improving access to remedy in the area of business and human rights at the EU level".

The recently published report is the result of research carried out by FRA's national partners in seven EU countries: Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. The "Giacomo Brodolini" Foundation - FRA's antenna for Italy - has edited the Italian report that will be published shortly, conducting interviews with legal professionals in the field of the defense of consumer and community rights against abuses and violations of fundamental rights perpetrated by Italian companies, in Italy and abroad.

The focus of this new report are the remedies available to injured parties to report any violations and obtain compensation for the damage suffered. In fact, most of the people interviewed consider the remedies currently available insufficient to take into account the reality and complexity of the disputes affecting large corporations. In many cases, multinational companies with complex structures based on networks of affiliated companies and production chains spread over several countries are involved. The report also includes the Agency's recommendations to European and national policy-makers, aimed at adopting measures that promote corporate social responsibility and respect for fundamental rights in the EU and in third countries.

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