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Skill needs in a New Digital World

Knowledge Aperò #9 an afterwork informal gathering for sharing discussion and wine

The pace of technological change is picking up speed. Over the last five years there have been several major waves of technological innovation; each new one quickly supplanting its predecessor. The shift in technological paradigms from Machine to Machine to the Internet of Things to Industry 4.0 has been rapid. And each wave of change unleashes a chain reaction which has major implications for the world of work and the skills both workers and businesses will require.

The pressure this places on public policy is formidable: how do we prepare workers for the jobs of tomorrow when the pace of technological change is so fast, so transformative, and so uncertain?

Join our Knowledge Apéro to discuss these issues and in particular:

• How to re-define competences, ability and skills - including soft skills - over increasingly short technology lifecycles?

• How to identify those skills which prove to be resilient and those likely to become obsolescent?

The event will draw upon recent studies that provide clues to the effective development of skills in a technologically dynamic and unpredictable world.

Introducing the theme:

Gualtiero Fantoni, Associate Professor at Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, University of Pisa

Jiří Braňka, Expert at Department for skills and labour market, CEDEFOP


Terence Hogarth, Senior adviser, FGB

The networking event will take place at the FGB premises in Brussels, 19A Avenue Marnix on Tuesday 6 february 2017,from 18.00 to 20.00 hours. Want to join? Send an email to