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ISDS, Labor and Free Trade Agreements WORKSHOP

Organized by SERI and FGB in collaboration with ISLSSL

November, 21 2016 | 2pm/5pm Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini Via Solferino, 32 – Roma


14:00 Introduction - Annamaria Simonazzi (Sapienza University of Rome)

14:15 Keynotes Janice Bellace (Penn University), Adalberto Perulli (Cà Foscari University),Michele Faioli (University of Rome - Tor Vergata)

15:15 Round Table with Institutions, Unions and Employers Organizations.

16:15 Q&A

16:45 Conclusions - Giuseppe Casale (ITC-ILO and ISLSSL)

The ISDS is, under a legal viewpoint, a system of enforceability of corporations’ interests over the right of States to govern their own affairs. It is a sort of private self-regulation of sanctions for violations of the rules of mega-treaties on trade, between corporations and States, with possible prevalence of corporations’ interests on States’/citizens’ interests. Such prevalence is decided by means of arbitrations, and pecuniary sanction may be applied. The possible implementation of ISDS provisions in the TTIP/CETA/TPP has become also a legal labor issue. This is our focus in the 21 Nov. SERI-Cluster.

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Photo via Flickr/RaSeLaSeD - Il Pinguino