Collection of methods, tools and good practices in the field of women and the media

This project aims at scanning the organisation of work in the media industry as well as monitoring of women’s positions in the media industry, searching keys for a positive change. It worked in two directions:

  • Collect information on progress in women’s access to expression and decision-making in the media sector;
  • Collect and identify tools and methods by sifting out a wide range of stakeholders: different types of media (radio, tv, web) from the public and private sector as well as NGOs, women’s organisations, journalists trade unions, and specific institutional bodies or commissions.

The collection of methods and tools was done in 28 countries with the support of national experts through the submission of 280 questionnaires that will be sent to a list of selected stakeholders. The project team selected 20 practices with potential that, along a validation process that actively involved stakeholders and test the transferability of practices themselves, have become a set of 10 good practices. The good practices, proven to work well and to be transferable and, moreover, to have a positive impact on women’s access to information and to gender equality in the media industry, will be tools for public and private policies.