Development and roll out of an Accreditation E-Learning Programme - AFRAC

The overall objective of the project is to support the strengthening of an African network of accreditation bodies and the establishment of new national or multi-economy accreditation bodies.

The purpose of the project is to develop, test and roll out a comprehensive e-learning programme aimed at supporting the development of AFRAC, African Accreditation Bodies as well as well as national focal points.

The results to be achieved by this assignment are:

         To design and develop a comprehensive e-learning programme in tight collaboration with AFRAC;

         To develop e-learning training features including text, presentations, videos, interactive material and final tests for each module;

         To test e-learning training modules at AFRAC as well as with relevant counterparts (at least two for each one of the categories 2, 4 and 5;

         To develop communication material for AFRAC e-learning course.

The project object of this tendering procedure will include, , the following phases: i) a needs assessment in terms of training and accreditation perspectives; ii) documental collection, during which all relevant training material is collected and organised; iii) training course design in terms of training programme and content; iv) video shooting and editing. a series of video interviews will be carried out with existing Accreditation Bodies; v)  design of e-learning tools and visual layout. ; vi) test and monitoring of e-learning modules.; vii) communication material.

Type of service provided:

         Overall project management and coordination;

         Development of training material;

         Development of tests;

         Develop of e-learning tools;

         Development of web-platform;

         Video shooting and editing;

         Development of communication materials.