ECOS4IN – CrossBorder Ecosystem for Industry 4.0

Agenzia per l’Innovazione
Business Alta Austria
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
Koprivnički poduzetnik Ltd. – Croazia Małopolska Agenzia per lo sviluppo regionale - Polonia
Pannon Novum
Lead Partner: 
2019 to 2022

ECOS4IN project promotes sustainable cooperation among innovation actor, in order to improve and better equip European region to face changes that industry 4.0 will bring on local communities and territories. 

The project starts with a detailed analysis of the current situation of Industry 4.0, that will allow the creation of a tool called “ECOS4IN knowledge base”. 

The tool will be used in the pilot projects, that will be realized in information hubs, in order to provide project’s targets the needed skills to increase their awareness related to industry 4.0. 

The data collected from the previous analysis will be used 

Le informazioni che emergeranno dall'analisi saranno utilizzate  in the process of describing the ecosystem model presents in different regional conditions. 

The last phase of the project will represent the development of each region’s action plans. It will ensure sustainable results and it will provide necessary material for future reviews of each region’s innovation strategies.