EQW&L – Equality for Work and Life

Centro Risorse per gli Uomini - REFORM
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
Gruppo Cooperativo Gino Mattarelli – CGM
Istituto Spagnolo per le Donne e le Pari Opportunità - IWEO
Unione Italiana del Lavoro - UIL
Work Life Hub – WLB HUB
2018 to 2020

The EQW&L project aims to elaborate and test a set of strategies, a new model of intervention and a toolkit to facilitate the access to labour market of unemployed persons – women but not only women - who are hindered from getting a job by their reconciliation needs and to support SMEs – and namely those in the social economy – in their process of getting awareness of the potentialities of working environments work-life balance friendly.

The focus of the proposal is contemporaneously on the system – proposing and testing strategies the Italian PES network can use to support persons entering the labour market not to be marginalised due to their work-life balance needs – on the individuals – unemployed persons and/or persons looking for a new job and accessing PES network services, to whom the new EQ&WL services will offer the opportunity to recognise/address own specific work life balance needs – and on companies  - and namely on SMEs in the social economy sector, which are known to offer relevant employment opportunities for women – and often low skilled women - but at the same face more difficulties and constraints than bigger companies or corporations in implementing internal work life balance policies.

EQW&L will specifically address gender stereotypes and unconscious gender bias and define, thanks to the transnational support of REFORM and IWEO (who coordinates in Spain a network involving over 120 companies implementing work-life balance strategies) a business case for SMEs investing in gender-balanced work-life balance policies, showing how these policies can benefit both workers and employees.

Partners: Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini - FGB, Gruppo Cooperativo Gino Mattarelli – CGM, Work Life Hub – WLB HUB, Spanish Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities - IWEO, Resource Center for Men - REFORM, UIL

Associate PartnersDepartment for Equal Opportunities of The Italian Presidency of The Council - DOP, European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services and Services of general interest – CEEP, Campania Region, Tuscany Region, Piedmont Region, Autonomous Province of Trento, CGIL, CISL, European Trade Union Confederation - ETUC, National Institute of Social Security – INPS