Europa, Italia

2019 to 2020

The project Europa, Italia is coordinated by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, with the Media Partner, and it is sponsored by the European Commission, Dg Regional and Urban Policy. The project lasts 12 months and it is implemented in Italy. The theme of the Action is to promote a better understanding of the role of cohesion policy in supporting EU regions, increasing awareness of EU-funded projects and their impact on people's daily lives. The objective of the project is to design and implement a single communication, information and dissemination strategy on cohesion policy in Italy, in order to: create a dialogue on cohesion policy, organize a direct and civic participation on policies and priorities through the testimonies of the beneficiaries of the structural funds, improve the understanding of policies and projects and their impact on the daily life of every citizen.

The communication and information activities (news, reportage, video reportage, seminar and social media coverage) are designed, implemented and conducted by professionals through a simple, clear and transparent tone of voice so to reach the general public. The Action aims to increase media coverage at national level and make citizens more aware of the results of cohesion policy and their socio-economic impact in everyday life.