A hub for innovation and industry 4.0

GATE is an ecosysitem for innovation and development in the city of Pisa. A hub where different stakeholders operating in the industry 4.0 and digital transformation fields gather, meet, connect. GATE is supported by an international network and its spaces and activities articulate in three main axes:

1. Human capital: building relationships with schools for the development of digital skills, universities for the development of knowldge transfer, talens for the development of new ideas 

2. Entrepreneurship: a business integrator able to develop models and solutions 4.0 for start ups, spin offs, SMEs and companies 

3. Building a cerative community: engaged in the pretotypation and design of new products

The objective of GATE is to connect and integrate local companies in order to overcome the hardest challenges, attract international investors and boost competitiveness by becoming a landmark for digital transformation of companies, products and services.

Several companies are already operating at GATE: 

Erre Quadro Engineering: offers training and consultancy on Industry 4.0 

Open Design: prototyping through 3D printing, laser cut and mechanical work 

CNCSET: strategic consultancy on urban innovation

Studio Bonfanti: administrative, fiscal and giuridical consultancy for start ups and SMEs 

TOI "Things On Internet":  Internet Of Things solutions ready made for digitalization and optimization of industrial processes for both small and big companies aiming at innovating through a 4.0 strategy   

Towel: integrated and interactive systems for business communication, marketing, enterteinment and publishing 

Zerynth: a software suite simplifying and speeding up the development of IOT systems