Gender budgeting in the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESF and ERDF)

The needed change towards gender equality
2017 to 2018

Gender budgeting in the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESF and ERDF): the needed change towards gender equality (Ref. EIGE/2017/OPER/09).

The objective of the study/project  was to provide EIGE with an overview of gender relevant elements integrated in ESI Funds and to contribute to more effective and sustainable design and implementation of gender budgeting as a tool for gender mainstreaming in ESI Funds.

More specifically, the study aimed at:
•    strengthen the evidence base and
•    raise awareness of gender budgeting as an effective tool to support the translation of gender equality objectives into objectives and operational procedures in the ESI Funds.
In this framework, this project endevoured to achieve the following objectives:
•    Review practical gender mainstreaming examples within Operational Programmes.
•    Raise awareness on Gender budgeting as a useful and feasible approach to support the gender mainstreaming strategy within the ESI Funds.
•    Facilitate and promote the transfer of experience and results of the Gender budgeting strategy in the ESI Funds in/from the EU, Member States, regions and local levels.
•    Improve the technical capacity on gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting of officials involved in the various stages of ESI Funds cycle.
•    Elaborate recommendations for the implementation of gender budgeting for the Structural and Investment Funds programming in the forthcoming periods.
•    Gather and synthesise base-line information on the development of a step-by-step approach and model for gender budgeting tailored to the ESI Funds.