Making Transformation Work for Africa


The service object lies within a broad research project aiming at gaining a deeper understanding of structural transformations affecting African Sub-Saharan countries between 2010 and 2015 and providing policy recommendations in the view of promoting pro-poverty development patterns.

The specific aim is to map available national microdata with information on labour outcomes for at least two different points in time in African Sub-Saharan countries, and perform a statistical descriptive analysis of data quality and data related issues.

The service consists in a desk research whose overall goal was to provide a structured descriptive analysis of recent changes of as many national labour markets as data availability allowed for. A detailed mapping and a preliminary analysis of the existing data sources has been conducted. The mapping regarded two harmonized World Bank micro-data collections: the International Income Distribution Data Set (I2D2), and Survey-Based Harmonized Indicators Program (SHIP).

A set of 20 countries has been identified by the World Bank and for them 20 short reports were prepared by FGB, every report included:

  • Statistical portrait;
  • Total population (considered for every surveyed years and gender distribution);
  • Working age population;
  • Employed population;
  • Wage workers.