Productive work for youth and women through MSMEs promotion in Ethiopia

The overall objective of the project is the provision of services Related to the Development of Training Materials and Assistance in Implementation of Capacity Building Activities under UNIDO Project “Productive work for youth and women through MSMEs promotion in Ethiopia”.

The aim of the intervention is to contribute to creation of job opportunities for youth and women, thus strengthening their economic empowerment through the development and growth of MSMEs by facilitating access to entrepreneurship training schemes to young entrepreneurs, as well as facilitate access to the financial schemes through financial mechanisms. Moreover the project will promote a policy dialogue on entrepreneurship development, amongst relevant stakeholders for inclusive and sustainable enterprise development.

In particular the project is aimed at providing :

1.         The development of training contents and Guidelines for trainers, coaches and counsellors   on how they should approach trainings.

2.         Training and counselling services to a group of selected representatives of meso-level institutions in the field of sustainable and inclusive enterprise creation and growth for women and youth MSMEs (Trainig of trainers);

3.         Training in management, specifically designed for women and youth entrepreneurs, to reinforce the counselling capacities of selected counsellors within meso-level institutions (with a particular focus on strategic thinking, team building, leadership styles, networking for market access);

4.         A continued assistance to selected trainers and counsellors within the meso-level organizations in order to consolidate their capacity in providing training and support to young and women MSMEs

5.         Guaranteeing to the freshly established network of banks, BDS organizations and Universities not to lose momentum and proceed to the consolidation of their network activities.

Accordingly, the intervention aim to assist the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) in its efforts to create employment for women and youth through the promotion of investment in the productive sectors of the economy, entrepreneurship development and women’s economic empowerment.

Type of service provided:

         Development of training modules

         Development of complete set of materials for each of the training modules

         Development of training Guidelines for trainers, coaches and counsellors

         Report on mapping and capacity assessment of meso-level institutions

         Training of Trainers for representatives of meso - level institutions and Universities

         Training of  counsellors

         Continuous supervision of trainings

         Management, organization and Quality Assurance of the Project (delivery of quarterly reports).