The project “Alliance for Strategic Skills addressing Emerging Technologies in Defence”

The project ASSETs+: Alliance for Strategic Skills addressing Emerging Technologies in Defence is one of the projects funded by the ERASMUS+ programme for implementing a new strategic approach (“Blueprint”) to sectoral cooperation on skills.

The problem facing the European defence industry is twofold: (i) it is experiencing difficulty in finding the necessary skills in order to sustain its leadership, competitiveness and sustainability in the medium- to long-term; (ii) ageing staff and difficulties in engaging and keeping young professionals are preventing the sector from reshaping company capabilities and creating new, attractive job opportunities for talented workers of any age.

The ASSETs+ project aspires to build a sustainable human resources supply chain which allows defence sector companies to innovate by both attracting highly-skilled young workers and upskilling their employees thanks to customised, complementary education & training programmes addressing three main technologies: Robotics, C4ISTAR and Cybersecurity aspects related to the first two.

The project will focus on 4 main activities:

1. Skill Strategy to translate the selected technologies into actionable sets of relevant fine-grained skills to be (potentially) transformed into new job profiles;

2. Design of three training programmes to address high-school students, university students, employees;

3. E&T programme realisation and improvement;

4. Development of community of practice and body of knowledge to promote new skills acquisition, development and retention.

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