Provision of subcontracted services for benchmarking analysis to promote women empowerment for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development in the MENA region

The overall objective of the project is the production of a benchmarking analysis comparing relevant successful experiences/good practices in promoting female entrepreneurship around the world with the situation in the MENA region.

The specific objectives of the assignment are three-fold:

         Producing a benchmarking analysis comparing the entrepreneurial ecosystems of the MENA region – as resulting from CAWTAR assessment - with the ones in 2 or 3 country models;

         Proposing feasible recommendations on how to promote women entrepreneurship in the region, based on the consideration of the identified best practices;

         Sharing the conclusions and recommendations of the analysis at a roundtable in Milan during EXPO 2015 at the presence of both the public and the private sector of the region.

The benchmarking is based on the women’s condition in terms of equal opportunities, access and evolution in the labour market as well as in the entrepreneurial activities, employability, flexicurity, role in decision making patterns. This study will analyse  the policies and instruments used to increase women’s role in the socio-economic activity, including relevant lessons learnt and best practices observed worldwide.

Type of service provided:

         Identification and selection of 3 country-models;

         Benchmarking Analysis;

         Propose recommendations applicable in the MENA context;

         Production of a benchmarking report;

         Presentations in Milan EXPO at round-table.