Strategic evaluation of the ROP Competitiveness and Employment of Lombardia Region

Lead Partner: 
2010 to 2013

This action aims at conducting the strategic evaluation of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) Competitiveness and Employment of Lombardia Region in Italy.

In particular, the project evaluates the results of several interventions in the framework of the different strategic axes, their relevance with respect to the identified needs and the capacity to achieve the expected results, thus laying down the basis for the ex-post evaluation.

In particular, the evaluation project foresees the following phases:

  • Definition and operational implementation of the evaluation methodology and tools, according to recent changes and to the policy of Lombardia Region
  • Meta-analysis of analyses, evaluations and studies on the policies of the Regional DG Education, Training and Employment, in order to reconstruct, collect and summarise the results of the analysis already undertaken, with the involvement of the steering group and stakeholders
  • Implement methodologies and evaluation paths best suited to answer the evaluative questions
  • Conduct analysis in six strategic axes of the ROP, such as, for instance, Apprentice, Labour Force Requalification, Schooling, etc.
  • Elaboration of responses to evaluation questions and recommendations to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of ESF ROP and of DG Education, Training and Employment’s policies
  • Discussion and validation of the results of the evaluation process with the representatives of the Regional Administration and of the steering group
  • Dissemination of results