Support to the implementation of the transformation triggering facility, Ethiopia

The TTF is a pilot project to support Ethiopia in its economic transformation. Through targeted interventions in selected sectors and institutions, the TTF aims to contribute to the attainment of the transformative and poverty-reducing growth target of the country's development strategy (growth and transformation plan) through further stimulating investment, creating more jobs and improving productivity. The TTF includes 4 main components:

  • small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and markets development (under the responsibility of Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade as well as chambers and associations);
  • business skill enhancement and the fostering of innovation (under the responsibility of the Addis Ababa University);
  • medical and aviation hubs' development (under the responsibly of  Ministry of Finance & Economic Development);
  • capacity building and policy fine-tuning for all intervention areas (under the responsibly of MOFED).

The provision of technical assistance is an integral part of the TTF. The purpose of this service contract is to make available a TA team that will:

  • support and strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in the overall TTF project coordination (including monitoring, communication and visibility of the entire programme);
  • provide technical support and advice to the three key implementing institutions (MOFED, Ministry of Industry and Addis Ababa University) as well as to other beneficiaries of the TTF in the design and correct and timely implementation, as well as monitoring and evaluation of all components of the project; and
  • to support and advise the three imprest administrators in the administrative management of the TTF in line with European Development Fund procedures — for their respective components.