Supporting Thematic Country Reviews (TCRs) on Apprenticeships and Flash Thematic Country Reviews (Flash TCRs) on Apprenticeships

TCR on apprenticeships in Croatia, Cyprus, Belgium and Sweden

 In 2014, Cedefop started cooperating with the Member States to undertake in-depth reviews of their national developments on apprenticeships. Since May 2014 Cedefop has worked on five “Thematic Country Reviews” (TCRs) on apprenticeships in volunteer countries, two piloted and completed (Malta and Lithuania), and three countries that are still running the review exercise (Greece, Italy and Slovenia). Consortium in close cooperation with Cedefop will support countries in setting up or modernising or improving the quality of their apprenticeship systems/schemes through country specific reviews. Consortium will provide  a TCR on apprenticeships in Croatia and Cyprus which voluntarily expressed their interest in undergoing the review and  a flash TCR on apprenticeships in Belgium and Sweden which are other two countries identified by Cedefop. At the end of the project a policy-learning and dissemination event will be organized. The consortium will assist Cedefop’s team in the data collection and analysis to develop recommendations on what and how to improve the apprenticeship  in these countries and will identify good practices and formulate country specific solutions.