Technical Assistance to RPD Tuscany 2014-2020

Support to the management, monitoring and assessment of the Rural Development Programme

The service provides Technical Assistance to the Managing Autorithy of RPD Tuscany 2014-2020 for the management, monitoring and assessment, dissemination and cummunication of the programme. 

The program is worth 961 million of euro and it aims at enhancing the competitiveness of the agricultural sector; preserving and restoring the agricultural and forestry ecosystems; encouraging efficient use of resources and the transition to a low-emission economy; promoting youth employment, social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in the rural areas.

The technical assistance foresees:

  • supporto to the programme implementation;
  • capacity building concerning the implementation of measures financed withing the programme with a results-oriented approach;  
  • support the Management Authority strategic and operational decisions;
  • provide a wide dissemination among stakeholders, supporting the ridefinition of the communication plan and strategy.