Technical assistance in support of interventions aimed at developing and strengthening the dual Lombardy system in the area of vocational education and training courses

2018 to 2021

Fondazione supports the Regione Lombardia in the creation of the Dual Learning Model, supports the circularity between education and work through the alternation between classroom training and moments of training in the company.  The education and production system combine to transmit to young people the technical knowledge and the transversal competences required by the job market. 

The implementation of the dual system in Regione Lombardia is characterized by specific elements which distinctively characterize the model of vocational education and training in relation to other regional systems. The regional legislation outlines a unitarian system of vocational education and training, based on the freedom of choice, oriented to the full development of the person through the personalization of the formative and centered interventions on the principle of "learning by working". This represents a strongly identifying element of the Lombardia system and specifically explains its current "dual" development and characterization, according to dimensions and unique modalities in Italy, compared to which one could argue of "Lombardia to the  Dual ".   The service includes, among the activities, the support for the development of the dual model, the definition of the new measures, the monitoring and the territorial animation aimed at widening the participation.