Technical Assistance to the Tuscany Region for the closure of ROP CRO ESF 2007-2013 and main actions for the implementation of ROP ICO ESF 2014-2020

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
2016 to 2020

The technical assistance to the managing authority of the ROP ESF of the Tuscany Region foresees support services to closing ROP CRO ESF 2007-2013 and to the implementation of ROP ICO ESF 2014-2020. The technical assistance will be developed in 16 intervention areas implying a wide range of specialized technical services for the programming and design, the financial management, monitoring of the programme implementation, the communication strategy. A specialized operational team has been apointed to accomplish the specific objective of promoting social inclusion and contrasting poverty and every form of discrimination. 


Technical support:

1) to closing the ROP CRO ESF 2007 – 2013

2) to design and programming the monitoring system of the ROP ESF 2014-2020

3) to identify the tools and methodology to select actions for financement 

4) to ease the integration of funds

5) to identify indicators of the OP, identify data to be gathered and monitoring of its collection 

6) to implement the IT system

7) to design and implement tools for financial methodology 

8) to set up first level control procedures  

9) to the set up and functioning of the Programme Monitoring Committee 

10)  to the preparation of documents 

11) to the implementation of the European, national and regional legislation in the Programme field

12) to the stakeholders involvement  

13) to implement actions to contrast poverty

14) to information and dissemination of the Programme activities

15) to the financial management