Vocations is a transdisciplinary action-research platform where collectives of experts and practitioners experiment new participatory methodologies to investigate and analyze new forms and identities of socio-economic systems based on proximity, in order to build effective and sustainable actions to support local development.


The project has three main goals:

  •  Galvanize and quicken collective research and collaboration aimed at collecting and enhancing community knowledge
  • Investing in the generative potential of community and proximity ecosystem, encouraging mutual learning, exchange and co-design
  • Improving the efficiency and coherence of local development projects and policies



The project milestones:

1. Sensemaking A systemic and collective reflection of a group of experts, practitioners, researchers, activists to frame research topics

2. Archetypes Development of archetypes and storytelling frameworks to disseminate the results of the iterative research activities of the collective 

3. Intelligence for decision making Advocacy and community engagement actions to open the conversation to civic actors and policymaker

4. Experimentation The goal of the research and community engagement actions is building new community programs supporting the development of sustainable proximity ecosystems for people, places and communities thanks to a systematic promotion of vocations as the cornerstones of an inclusive collective future