Cities as engines of innovation and inclusive growth. A transatlantic journey EU-USA

A book edited by Fabrizio Montanari, Fabio Sgaragli, DiegoTeloni

This publication intends to explore and model the key enabling factors of cities’ capacity to innovate and compete on the global stage, whilst at the same time guarantee that no one is left behind, and to bring together local administrations’ officials, experts, corporate and civil society representatives to share their views, models and ideas, in the spirit of mutual learning and exchange. The book approaches it from the perspective of a “transatlantic journey” between EU and US, outlining differences in approach, which could bring to the table a wealth of opportunities formutual learning between the two sides of the ocean.

The book is divided in three parts. The first part is focused on policy, with three contributions that offer a panoramic view from the global to the local. The second part, proposes six building blocks for stimulating inclusive growth in cities, spanning from culture and creativity to innovation zones. The third and last part, hosts a dialogue among the main actors of this space, the cities.