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A new integrated approach for SMEs and corporations facing Industry 4.0

The LLT project aims at assessing and supporting firms’ readiness to Industry 4.0 advancing solutions for multinational corporations and SMEs.The Italian industrial relations system is not adequately preparing firms for managing this work of the future; HR departments and institutions (unions, employers’ organizations, and works councils) are generally poorly equipped to confront with such hard choices.

Skills, the vocational education and training (VET) system, and HR development will be highly impacted by Industry 4.0, and LLT has developed a dynamic model to map and share competencies and professions in the future. Currently, in Europe, integrated approaches (as the LLT proposal) to such a problem are not significantly developed, whereas in the US system they are going to be developed in the short term. Firms need a new approach.

This new approach seeks to move away from more traditional positional bargaining [i.e. sector/industry-based national collective bargaining agreements (NCBAs), unions at national level, and employers’ organizations] to problem solving bargaining at firm level (i.e. these negotiations entail making choices about how to bargain, as well as adopting tactical decisions about which approach will best manage the impact of Industry 4.0 and reorganization processes at firm level).

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