Quarto Social Lab

A crowdfunding campaign to create three neighborhood labs in Quarto Oggiaro (MI)

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, who manages FabriQ, the incubator of social innovation start ups of the Municipality of Milan, has just released a crowdfunding campaign to promote the Quarto Social Lab initiative. The idea is to raise 15 000 Euros to promote three social labs aiming at providing answers at the Quarto Oggiaro neighborhood problems such as school leaving, unemployment, demographic umbalance and ageing of population. The three labs are: social entrepreneurship, networking and management for non profits, and a how to create an ethical intergenerational purchase group. Labs will take place in FabriQ. The goal is to foster solidarity and wellbeing by strenghtening social bonds. A small donation can grow big a community. Donate, share and spread the word!