The fundamental rights situation of long-term residents in the EU. Online focus group discussions and interviews FRA Framework Contract 2018-2022

The overall objective of this research is to provide evidence-based assistance to EU institutions and EU Member States (at different levels) in identifying necessary steps to strengthen and better implement the rights of long-term residents deriving from EU law. This concerns in particular the provisions of EU law that relate to the principle of equal treatment and the right to intra-EU mobility.

The project will seek to collect experiences and evidence in selected Member States using:

  • Focus group discussions (conducted online) with third-country nationals who are holders of EU and national LTR permits. The focus group discussions should last between 2 and 2.5 hours (of video-recorded discussion, including moderator presentation of the objectives of the day, house rules etc.)
  • Semi-structured interviews (conducted online) with third-country nationals who are living in an EU Member State for at least 10 years and, nevertheless, continue to hold a short-term/temporary or any other special residence permit, either because they don’t fulfil relevant requirements or because they don’t want/need to acquire an EU or a national long-term residence permit to ensure their stay. The interviews should last between 45 minutes and one hour (of video-recorded discussion, not including interviewer’s introduction).
  • Four semi-structured interviews (conducted online) with professionals/experts per each Member State conducted by FRA staff. FRA staff will conduct these interviews based on a list of experts provided by FRANET contractors. FRA will send the audio or video files of the experts’ interviews recordings to FRANET contractors, complying with all privacy and data protection requirements and after having ensured their consent for the video or audio recording of their interview and for the processing of these recordings for their transcription.


FGB – as Italian contractor of the FRANET multi-disciplinary research network – will conduct the research in Italy. The results emerging from these research activities will be summarised in a final country report.