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SERI FGB, colloquium for young scholars

“Introducing a European Unemployment Benefit Scheme (EUBS). Why and How”

SERI-FGB, the European School of Industrial Relations, a research unit of Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, dealing with industrial relations and comparative labour law, organizes a colloquium for scholars – with a subsequent special issue in “Economia&Lavoro” – on “Introducing a European Unemployment Benefit Scheme (EUBS). Why and How”. The event is going to take place in May 19-21 at  the Roma premises of Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (Via Solferino 32). The event is adddressed to young scholars, during the first day there are going to be two keynote speeches by René Repasi (Erasmus University Rotterdam – European Commission Advisor) and Michele Raitano (Sapienza University of Rome), following a round table of experts will provide elements for debate. The second day will be dedicated to a discussion on EUBS among young scholars through presentations, workshops and debate.  Programme 2016-seri-agenda.pdf

Photo via Flickr/Julisaustria