genPORT – An internet portal for sharing knowledge and inspiring collaborative action on gender and science

The aim of the project is to develop an internet portal which coordinates and communicates the results, networking and knowledge of national and European research projects and policy initiatives on gender and science, creates a sustainable community of practice and promotes worldwide awareness and collaboration in the pursuit of gender equality in science, technology and innovation.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To provide coordinated access to the range of high-quality research, policy and practical resources which have been developed through European and most relevant international research on gender, science, technology and innovation, through a dedicated internet portal;
  • To increase the visibility, accessibility and usability of these resources by classifying and organising them according to the reported needs of targeted stakeholders;
  • To promote exchange of experiences and collaboration between communities of practitioners, through social media tools in the portal and through briefings for policy-makers;
  • To make the portal and the community of practice sustainable for current and future users.