FabriQ - Social Innovation Incubator of the Municipality of Milan

2013 to 2021

The project aims to offer to startups an incubation path of nine months made of training, workshops, meetings with entrepreneurs and experts.

The objective of the service is to transform startups into actors that can have real effects in the social fabric. The working method involves: sharing, discussion and networking. The process consists in two phases: for the first phase a business plan will be defined, the prototype/product/service will be tested on the market and the company will be created. The second phase will foresee the achievement of positive cash flow, access to short-term loans and long-term investors and sponsors, staff recruitment, needs assessment.


Each company is assisted by tutors in technical and operative aspects and in the more complex nature of relations and promotion. The tutor has the dual task of providing support to address and sustain the creation and the development of the company, but also provides technical-operational support to overcome obstacles and/or perform specific tasks.

After the first mandate (2013-2015), FGB was appointed for the management of FabriQ from 2015 to 2021.