Framework contract: Supply of Impact Assessment, Evaluation and Evaluation related services in the policy areas under the responsibility of DG Justice and Consumers – Lot 1. (Framework contract n° JUST/2015/PR/01/0003)

Center for International Legal Cooperation - CILC (NL)
European Public Law Organization - EPLO (EL)
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
Lead Partner: 
2016 to 2018

The purpose of the contract is to provide timely and evidence-based impact assessment, evaluation and evaluation-related services that are carried out in the policy areas under the responsibility of DG Justice and Consumers.

The activities covered within the contract relate to civil justice, criminal justice, EU citizenship, fundamental rights, rights of the child, data protection, anti-discrimination, racism, xenophobia, consumer policy.

The contract may envisage impact assessment or evaluation related to: i) proposals for new legislation, or amendments to existing legislation; ii) proposals for non-legislative action, action plan or Commission Communication; iii) the implementation of legislation or programmes. Impact assessment and evaluation activities involve comparative legal analysis, field work and surveys, case study-based scenarios, in-depth economic and statistical analysis and selection of indicators to facilitate future evaluation activities.