On 29 September FGB organizes two events of “Manifatture Aperte”

On 29 September, FGB organizes two events of “Manifatture Aperte”, a networking event for digital makers and 4.0 players.

On 29 September the Foundation participates in the Milanese event by organizing two appointments at the innovation spaces of FabriQ and Milano Luiss Hub for Makers and Students (MHUMA).

FGB, in partnership with Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi and PID (Punto Impresa Digitale), organises at MHUMA "3D Printing and IoT solutions for fast product prototiping and data collection - Hypothesis of contamination between Startups, Artisans and Makers", an interactive workshop for Startups and SMEs focused on 3 specific topics:

  • Plug and Play IoT solutions for data acquisition, processing and reporting;
  • IoT solutions for fast product prototyping;
  • 3D printing solutions for fast product prototyping.

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In order to present new technologies and solutions in terms of digitalization in agriculture in suburban areas, in partnership with Revotree, Fondazione organises at FabriQ "Agriculture 4.0 in suburban areas: thanks to Revotree  & FabriQ, innovation is sustainable". The event will promote the discussion on plastic drilling, big data, electronic board connection, quality testing. Afterwards, participants will be offered the opportunity to “interact” with 3D printers.

More info and booking here.