FGB is a network of change-makers. Our mission is to create real social impact and positive socio-economic progress across nations and cities. Empowered by a strong 50-year history and an unwavering belief in human potential, we strive to transform ideas into policy that paves the way towards better living for all.

To do this, we publish research and content with an aim to inform policy across Italy and Europe. We build programs for stakeholders, businesses, entrepreneurs and students to advance their ideas for innovation and progress. We bring our political, economic and social expertise to support institutions in their vision for development. And through it all, we are committed to starting new conversations about what it means to live inclusively in these challenging times.

We believe there is a way to create more opportunities for everyone, regardless of any gender, race, culture, belief or nationality. And it starts with knowledge.

Knowledge, we believe, is the cornerstone to progress. Which is why the roots of everything we do have always been in the development and sharing of research, ever since we first opened up our doors in 1971 to support the evolution of Labour rights in Italy. Change, we believe, can only happen when you have a deep understanding, the passion to apply it and the drive to improve people’s lives.



Labour and employment

Unearthing the latest trends in the world of work, using innovative research methods to project future skills needs, studying how the gig economy is disrupting the status quo, and supporting the rights of workers across Europe.

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Building potential of people and organizations

Helping to build the potential of people and organisations, from the smallest start-up in Milan to the European institutions in Brussels, providing expertise on policy design and evaluation, as well as technical assistance in programme development and management.

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Supporting changing societies

From climate change to ageing populations, our societies are facing a number of challenges. We are devoted to finding creative ways of addressing these challenges, understanding how cities and regions can evolve.

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Equality and inclusiveness

Starting new conversations about what it means to live inclusively in these challenging times, striving for more gender equality, fighting discrimination of all kinds, and promoting social justice.

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Connecting people, places & ideas

The power of collaboration: putting our minds together to imagine creative solutions, sharing knowledge and ideas, and communicating our results to the widest possible audience.

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