Climathon Courmayeur 2019: the winners

Climathon, the 24-hour event that brought together thousands of people around the world to find innovative solutions, has come to an end.

Climathon, the 24-hour event that brought together thousands of people around the world to find innovative solutions to climate change, concluded.

In Italy Climathon mobilized 13 cities, which gave citizens courageous challenges.  

In Courmayeur the participation was numerous, for a more than positive balance: 71 members and 12 groups, more than 100 people involved, 6 international and non international speakers, a network of professionals available, and 13 partners in collaboration.

The majority of the participants were male (65%), young (average age 26, 16 younger and 68 less young) and almost equally divided between the Aosta Valley and beyond.


The subject of the competition was the great challenge of reducing the effects of climate change on the mountains, which was expressed in issues related to safety, tourism and the reduction of CO2 emissions


The winner of the first prize was the GreenVago team, the project focuses on the creation of a "Green Travel" portal that calculates the ecological footprint of the holiday based on the choices that the individual tourist makes. The project was awarded €3000 by CVA Trading.

WooD'A and Echoliday are also on the podium, winning €1,000 respectively from Federmagager VDA and Skyway Monte Bianco.


The jury, made up of the Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry Department of the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta, Arpa Valle d'Aosta, Fondazione Montagna Sicura, Skyway Monte Bianco and Federmanager, considered the proposals to be positive from a technical point of view and consistent with the three challenges, enhancing the aspects of feasibility from an administrative and economic point of view.


The Brodolini Foundation is also the winner of the experience, for the wise organization through Les Pépinières della Valle d'Aosta, which managed all the phases of Climathon Courmayeur 2019, from design to execution. 

As a demonstration of the quality of the training and of the skills provided during the incubation courses, it is underlined that on the podium 2 out of 3 teams were partially in "composition Les Pépinières":

  • A member of GreenVago was selected from the V call for entry at Les Pépinières
  • The WooD'A team consists of the startup Embedded System, a brilliant host of the incubator.


Here is the service of the regional TG3 Aosta Valley on the experience just ended of Climathon Courmayeur 2019