Connected Regions, Connected Cities: Knowledge, innovation and co-operation

Knowledge Aperò #2 an afterwork informal gathering for sharing discussion and wine

Knowledge Aperò is an after work informal gathering, with fifteen invited guests, for sharing discussion and wine. Networks bring inspiration, multiplying the dimensions of value generated by individuals, institutions and companies. During this second event will explore the key drivers that can affect a territory's  capacity to produce inclusive growth. In today’s context, GDP growth is  strictly linked to knowledge, innovation and, ultimately, human capital. The  opportunity to connect transnationally and to intensify both the density and  frequency of connections within any given network, amplifies the capacity to  diffuse knowledge and catalyze innovation, which ultimately depends on the  quality of human capital.

Fabio Sgaragli, Open & Social Innovation manager at FGB, will introduce and moderate the event. There will be a brief presentation from Thomas Wobben, Director for Legislative Works  (Regional Policy, Economic Affairs, Employment and Innovation)  at  the Committee of the Regions, followed by questions and discussion.

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