FGB wins the management of the Open Laboratory of Modena

The Giacomo Brodolini Foundation, in partnership with ETT Solutions and MBS has been awarded the management of the Open Laboratory of Modena
The Giacomo Brodolini Foundation, in partnership with ETT Solutions and MBS, has been awarded the management of the Open Laboratory of Modena, in concession from the Municipality of Modena in the framework of the POR FESR programme of the Emilia-Romagna Region 2014-2020, ASSE 6 "Attractive and participatory cities". Watch the video that launches the opening of the announcement.
The Laboratory was created inside the former Aem Power Station, a building of industrial archaeology renovated in 2017 by the Municipality of Modena in the former Amcm sector where the pole of creativity will be built. Currently under construction, it will start its activities in January 2019. In this video the presentation of the new laboratory realized thanks to 3 million euros of European contributions from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020.
The main objective of the Open Laboratory will be the enhancement of the cultural heritage, material and immaterial, of the city and the growth of an innovative ecosystem of creative enterprises in the area.
The Open Laboratory of Modena will facilitate the meeting between supply and demand of innovative and technological solutions for culture, entertainment and creativity. Like traditional workshops, it will help young talents to express their potential and turn their ideas into reality. As a cultural centre, it will offer the public a variety of opportunities for information, education and entertainment. Intermediary for innovation, workshop, cultural center, this will be the strategic and operational matrix of "the new AEM".
The Open Laboratory intends to be:
  • an attractive pole for open and social innovation applied to the economy of culture, entertainment and creativity;
  • a center of connection of skills and excellence able to generate significant experimentation and innovation in the fields of culture, entertainment, creative entrepreneurship, the economy of sharing and solutions, participatory processes for urban development
  • an aggregator of experiences and energies, a laboratory of synergies and hybridizations, a generator of "shared value", an accelerator of development of the innovation ecosystem of the City of Modena connected to an international community.
The space will be carefully integrated with local dynamics, but it will necessarily have a national and international vocation, as a pole of excellence on innovation in the cultural field, understood as the main lever to trigger processes of quality of life. A vocation and a role well described by the video published on the Sole24 Ore website.
The Centre will be a multi-function place able to offer the territory a varied range of services:
  • experimentation with process innovations and development of innovative products for culture, entertainment and creativity;
  • carrying out of studies and feasibility analyses in favour of the Modenese culture and entertainment system;
  • training activities for professionals in the culture sector;
  • training activities dedicated to the general public;
  •  spaces for the dissemination, exhibition and experimentation of technologies, especially ICT and digital, for culture, entertainment and tourism;
  • co-working spaces for innovators and aspiring startuppers;
  • incubation and acceleration services for businesses in the fields of culture, entertainment and creativity;
  •  activities dedicated to the development of new teaching methods for the training of young people in new disciplines and professions related to culture, entertainment and creativity;
  • educational projects aimed at schools and universities in the area, aimed at encouraging the creativity of students;
  • events of communication, awareness and involvement of the public;
  •  local, national and international networking services;
  • spaces of cultural animation and entertainment.