Growth, technology and industrial policy in Europe and Italy

On March 31st at the Sapienza University of Rome, will take place the workshop titled Growth, technology and industrial policy: European and Italian perspectives.

Organised by the Department of Economics and Law of Sapienza University of Rome, jointly with Dezernat Zukunft Institute for Macrofinance, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and the Italian Economic Association (SIE), the workshop aims to bring together experts and researchers from academia, research institutions, industry and policy-making, to discuss the pressing challenges in the context of the green energy transition and the role of industrial policy in accelerating it. 

The event will feature a keynote speech by Adam Tooze (Columbia University), who will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Europe in the new global context.

The workshop includes three sessions: a morning panel on Europe’s structural vulnerabilities and the challenges of the green transition; an afternoon panel on long-term challenges of the Italian economy; a late afternoon panel on growth, technology and industrial policy in a European and an Italian perspective.

Each session will include presentations by scholars and experts, followed by a discussion and Q&A session with the audience. The event is livestreamed on the Department of Economics and Law YouTube channel.

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