International Call for Solutions on Open Innovation for Smart and Inclusive Cities

International prize for start ups

With the world population moving to cities at impressive rate each year, cities today play a crucial role as engines of economic growth and employment opportunities, as places of connectivity, creativity and innovation, and as centres of services.

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB); Open Incet and FabriQ launch the 2017 International Call for Solutions on Open Innovation for Smart and Inclusive Cities, for new technologies, products and platforms aimed at promoting economic, environmental and social sustainability in cities.

Turning cities into engines for innovation and inclusive growth requires a mix of economic, physical, technological and networking assets. These assets, taken together, create an innovation ecosystem - the synergistic relationship between people, organisations, and places that facilitate the emergence of collaborative communities, the generation of ideas, the development of new ventures, and that advance commercialization and internationalisation for the benefit of the whole citizenship. Today innovative and competitive cities use a menu of interventions to increase competitiveness, including policy frameworks and regulations, infrastructures and land, skills and innovation, and enterprise support and finance. 

Submit your technology, company, or project for review by investment, city administrators, and industry leadership. Top ranked submissions will be offered an opportunity to showcase and present their solutions to investment, city, and industry prospectors.

The best 20 solutions will be displayed on the European Open Innovation Platform and on the Open Innovation Summit 2017 Opportunity Report, distributed to a large network of key stakeholders.

The best 10 solutions will also be invited to display in the Tech Demonstrator in the Open Incet Center in Turin at their own expenses starting from the Open Innovation Summit that will be held from 5 to 7 April 2017 in Turin, Italy.

The best solutions will be awarded with 5000 € cash.

Additional awards include:

- 4 two-month acceleration programs at FabriQ in Milan and Open Incet in Turin.

- 1 free StartUp Pass for BLAST 2017

More info about the BLAST Startup Pass could be find here.

Demonstrate your smart technology solutions to the international community of city leaders, other technology and solution providers, investors and innovators who are working together on the next generation of Smart City solutions.

Attendees of the Open Innovation Summit include city leadership, corporate executives, project finance investors, technology developers, members of the media and implementers addressing a wide range of Smart City technologies and solutions. ​

The Tech Demonstrator is a 360 sq. m (W) by 9m (H) open space at Open Incet in Turin. Private visits for VIP guests will be organised to the Technology Demonstrator, together with one to one meetings with the selected innovators.

Applications closed on the 10th of March 2017 at 12:00 noon.

For more information about the application procedure please visit the webpage of the Call or write at