Labour market: the PES Network strategy for the next ten years

FGB was recently asked to design the graphic layout of the network’s new strategy

How can public employment services answer the challenges of tomorrow’s labour markets? As part of our wider responsibilities in managing communications for the European Network of Public Employment Services (PES Network), FGB was recently asked to design the graphic layout of the network’s new strategy.

This updated strategy represents the cornerstone of the network’s activities over the next ten years, focusing on the evolving challenges of a labour market characterized by “accelerated change and increased flexibility”.

The strategy recognizes that labour markets are experiencing “a shift away from traditional unemployment-employment divisions” towards a reality that is increasingly characterized by more frequent labour market transitions for citizens throughout their working lives.

In this context, the PES Network strategy sets out a reinforced mission for its key benchlearning (benchmarking + mutual learning) activities. It also aims to strengthen and encourage cooperation between PES in order to “promote modernization of individual PES, encourage optimum use of technology and data, and facilitate enhanced competencies for staff”.

The strategy also calls for further innovation and exchange of good practice in PES service delivery,  the development of partnership-based approaches to address the complex needs of clients, and setting and reviewing standards for service delivery.

For more information on the PES Network and its activities, watch the animated video explainer produced by FGB in 2021.

Read the PES network strategy for the next ten years