SwitchPitch: numbers and results of the February 21 event

On February 21, the event for the launch in Italy of the Startup Relationship Management SwitchPitch platform, of which Fondazione is a European partner, was held in Milan at the Milan Luiss Hub for Makers and Students. 


The event has experimented with an innovative reverse pitch format that reflects the purpose of the platform, for which it is the companies that bring themselves into play with the startups that become public and equal interlocutor.


These are the topics addressed: blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, advanced materials the main ones, then interest also for: big data analysis, deep tech, fintech, cybersecurity, energy.


These, instead, are the numbers of the initiative:

  • 25 startups selected for the matches with the 4 big companies present (IBM, BPER BANCA, ANSALDO ENERGIA, BRIDGESTONE)
  • selected audience of 50 guests present by invitation 
  • minimum 8 meetings with startups for each company


Excellent results have been achieved by this first opportunity for meeting and comparison including:

  • rating of the event 4 out of 5 stars
  • format appreciated, with some suggestions
  • full satisfaction of 66% of participants 
  • appreciation from the companies involved: the matches and the selection of startups, the fast and agile format, the possibility to present a challenge.