Torino City Lab


An initiative promoted by the City of Torino to support companies in co-development and testing of frontier innovations on the territory of Torino.

Thanks to the vast partnership of public and private actors - Major Industrial Partners Utilities, Research, Entrepreneurial Representative Associations, the aims of Torino City Lab is to be recognized as a platform for testing urban innovations and as an entry point for its dissemination in Europe.


Building on its territorial know-how and industrial past, Torino becomes an open laboratory of frontier innovation able to attract companies and skills to guide the development of the "City" of the future.

Autonomously driven and connected vehicles, Drones, IOT and 5G, Artificial intelligence and robotics, Innovative communication: frontier technologies at the service of quality of life and environmental and social sustainability on the city scale.

Torino City Lab is recognized by the European Network of Living Labs - Enoll.

Open Incet is one of the partners involved in the development of the initiative.


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