ASSETs+. Alliance for Strategic Skills and Emerging Technologies in Defence

Lead Partner
The University of Pisa

ASSETs+ Alliance for Strategic Skills addressing Emerging Technologies in Defence aims to build a sustainable human resources supply chain for the European Defence Industry, that boosts innovation by both attracting highly-skilled young workers and upskilling its employees.  During ASSETs+ project new training programmes and courses on emerging technologies for human resources in defence will be designed and developed to contribure to enhancing European sovereignty and autonomy.

ASSETs+ is built on close collaboration between the Defence Industry, sectoral organisations, HEIs, VET providers and research centres, with 30 partners from 8 countries and a broader ecosystem of stakeholders.

FGB is leading two out of eigth work packages:

  • WP5: Communication and dissemination
  • WP6: Quality assurance and monitoring

FGB also leads the task on Skills2ESCO on setting up an “agile” process to integrate new occupational profiles within ESCO under WP1 on Technology and skills analysis.

Līga Baltiņa is leading both work packages on behalf of FGB.

Other project partners