Framework contract for the organisation of peer learning activities

Lead Partner
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

Partners: Greatvisory, Bantani Education

The framework contract Sustainable meeting management services, lot 3: peer learning activities covers a range of meeting management services, such as the organisation of peer visits, study tours, training programmes, hackathons, augmented reality/VR/innovative exhibition stands, including their methodological and organisational aspects. Peer learning activities will target experts from ETF partner countries and will cover a variety of relevant topics in the domain of training, education and skills.

Peer learning activities will support the core objectives of ETF by providing opportunities for collaboration, sharing of practices, methods and instruments, promoting, managing and animating networking, as well as supporting national efforts in promoting sustainable reforms of education and training systems.

FGB will act as leader of the consortium providing the service, and contribute to the development and implementation of all the events covered by the framework contract.