Open Incet

Lead Partner
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

The general objective of Open Incet is to foster the social innovation and technological potential of the metropolitan area of Turin in order to attract national and international investments supporting a sustainable and enduring development.  The project involves several actors with the aim to gather the innovation potential of local universities and research centres and the financial and business systems. 

The project aims are:

• generating innovative ideas through new and multidisciplinary approaches that promote dialogue among social, economic and technological fields;

• develop open and collaborative communities relevant at a national and international level;

• facilitate the transformation of ideas into entrepreneurial innovative and sustainable projects;  

• foster the interaction among the educational and vocational sector and the entrepreneurial system;

• improve the local awareness on digital and social innovation through training programmes. 

Services provided:

Idea generation &development

Living Lab

Innovation Lab

Start Up Lab

Entrepreneurship programmes