Overlapping crises. Reshaping the future of regional labour markets

Lead Partner
Prognos AG

Partners: Centre for microsimulation and policy analysis (CeMPA) at the University of Essex


The European research project Overlapping crises (re)shaping the future of regional labour markets maps the impact of the overlapping crises on regional labour markets, in an effort to better understand their impact on local and regional economies, and assesses how territories can better adjust according to this new reality. 

The aim of the project is to bring new evidence and a better insight within a comparable EU perspective, helping policymakers understand how to improve their tailor-made policy responses and match territorial-development needs with sectoral objectives, moving away from a geography of discontent towards a geography of possibilities

The project will first of all investigate the demographic prospects of the regions, trying to define their territorial capabilities; then, a second layer of analysis will be added, focusing on the impact of different crises, structural changes and other policies on regional labour markets.

Within the project, FGB will be responsible for the co-creation process of scenario building and testing, as well as for the development of policy recommendations with relevant stakeholders from 5 countries (Task 3), supported by the Swiss consulting company Prognos AG and the Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis (CeMPA) at the University of Essex.