The changing skill needs of the bioeconomy

The study on Promoting Education, Training and Skills in the Bioeconomy has been concluded with the publication of the final report and a conference in Brussels on 15th September 2022.

The study, conducted by Deloitte, Empirica and FGB for the European Commission’s DG Research&Innovation, assesses the current and future demand for skills in the bioeconomy, combining forecasting and skills foresight to provide an understanding of the skill needs likely to arise by 2030 and 2050.

In particular, the study looked at the skills needs which will need to be satisfied by, respectively, the higher education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) systems of the member states. The role of entrepreneurial skills in developing the bioeconomy was also addressed.

FGB team composed by Professor Terence Hogarth (a member of FGB’s Scientific Committee based at the University of Warwick) and Liga Baltina, led the task of analysing the role of VET in meeting the bioeconomy’s skill needs. Working with FGB: esperts from Sapienza University who produced the quantitative projections of future skill demand. This was complemented by big data analysis, undertaken by Erre Quadro srl to obtain an indication of specific skill needs.

The study reveals the manifold skill needs which VET and higher education systems across the EU will need to respond. Case studies of good practice provide pointers to this might be achieved.

This study will provide a contribution to the EC’s high-level conference The Bioeconomy - Enabling the European Green Deal in Challenging Times taking place on 6 -7th  October in Brussels and will be live-streamed.

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