The future of training, our role within the ETF 2027 strategy

FGB has been awarded by the European Training Foundation (ETF) a contract for the "ETF 2027 Strategy Mid-Term Review (Part 2)", within the context of the ETF Framework Contract for Evaluation Services. The contract will run from June to December 2023.

The ETF strategy 2027 aims at fulfilling the core objective of the Foundation; namely, to contribute to the improvement in the development of human capital, within the context of EU external relations' policies. The fulfilment of this objective requires close alignment between ETF’s actions and the priorities of the EU’s external assistance instruments. The strategy covers the period of the next EU multi-annual financial framework 2021-27.

The ETF is currently in its third year of implementation within the 2027 strategy. The objective of the assignment is to assess ETF’s progress towards its 2027 vision and associated strategy, to define ways in which it can ensure the successful delivery of its value proposition.

This will be ultimately translated into a strategic roadmap 2027 with impact metrics, a performance monitoring process and a framework ensuring that the ETF is able to attain its 2027 vision/strategy and value offer through its differentiation approach.

FGB is part of a consortium led by the network Ockham IPS, also including the research and consulting company 3s

Within the contract, FGB will be responsible for developing a set of indicators against which to evaluate the ETF strategy, and will also actively contribute to answering the evaluation questions assessing the strategy performance.