New starting projects awarded by our open call 'Sandbox'

In May 2021, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, in partnership with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Ashoka Italy, has launched the call Sandbox intending to support, financially and through its experts, two research and storytelling projects based on community-based research.

After one month and many applications, the internal jury has selected and awarded two projects proposed by two different teams of one researcher and one storyteller.

The first team, made by Martina Gnerre (researcher) and Alina Gnerre (storyteller), will work with the BLAM community: a collective of architects that works with citizens and the local administration in the regeneration and reuse of the city of Salerno abandoned and underused public spaces. The project aims to voice the stories hidden in these places to restore shared identity and a sense of ownership.

The second team, made by Leonardo Mastromauro (researcher) and Giulia Schiavone (storyteller), will be developed inside the community of Officine San Domenico. The Officine is an urban lab that hosts the project Sustainable Utopias Development (SUD), whose primary goal is to design with the community new proximity services and collaboration practices grounded in collaboration, sustainability and intergenerational justice. The project aims to create an Encyclopedia of the Souths: a multidisciplinary archive on the ways southern communities find self-determination and management processes.

The teams’ work will continue until November.