BRIDGE Good Inter-Religious Dialogue Practices in Europe

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
Lead Partner
Società Cooperativa Alisei

The project is structured as a capacity building path targeting local actors, with the objective of transmitting specific competencies linked to territory’s promotion. Local actors will be able to map out territory’s needs and spread awareness regarding religious issues. 

The key objective the project aims to is facilitating peaceful cohabitation of different instances, thanks to interreligious dialogue. The project focuses on facilitating meetings and events where people from different religious experience can gather: in doing so, it increases socio-cultural inclusion. 

Fighting discrimination, breaking down stereotypes and avoiding radicalization are also extremely relevant goals the project wants to reach. 


The project contemplates different phases: 


1. A territorial mapping of faith communities in the geographical territories included in the project; 

2. A planning process of cooperative models between Public Administrations and local religious representants; 

3. Training processes for local actors (institutions, schools) on specific topics; 

4. Events creation and delivery on topics such as inter-religious understanding; 

5. Activate permanent roundtables in order to facilitate religious dialogue and spread awareness on the topic