FabriQ under the stars

Comune di Milano (RTI FabriQ)
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
Impact Hub
Lead Partner
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

A cycle of open-air cinema screenings in the courtyard of FabriQ to animate the schedule of neighborhood activities, thanks to the support of City Hall 8. 

The project contemplates two events structured as open cinema, for children and adults, in the open spaces FabriQ has. 


Assuming that cinema can function as bridge between different cultures and generations, the project wants to make more available an activity such as watching a movie and it wants to present it a collective experience. In doing so, it allows the neighborhood to exploit the open and common spaces as gathering points for its inhabitants. 


The project’s key activities comprehend communication and spreading of the initiative (thanks to direct contacts with the neighborhood’s inhabitants and the spreading of the call trough digital channels) and logistical setting of the two cinema nights. 

The events start with a collective happy hour and then the movies start. Once movies finish, the objective is to facilitate common informal spaces between the inhabitants, opening discussions around what kind of use they could make of common spaces in the neighborhood. 


In fact, the two important social aspects of FabriQ Sotto le Stelle, in addition to the projections, consist precisely of the shared aperitifs addressed to the inhabitants before the screening, and the involvement of the youngest in the selection of the films: they were the real success factors of the evenings . On the one hand the parents had the opportunity to meet and chat with each other, having their children play in the open air but in a protected place, and on the other the children created games with the themes of the chosen films ... seasoned with freshly made popcorn! 


The aim of participation in the Public Notice of the Municipality 8 with the proposal of FabriQ Sotto le Stelle was therefore to create a follow-up and have a basis of consensus to make the event repeatable in the following seasons, thus establishing a new activity of stable entertainment in the neighborhood, inside FabriQ. In a transversal way, the aim of cinema is to create mixing and sharing, to define a sense of community also linked to cultural entertainment activities.